The Most Challenging Role of Human Existence

Yes, I’ve written about this before.

Tough noogies. This is important.

Single parenting done well is the most challenging role of human existence.

There are no breaks, no time off – paid or otherwise. The role (not the child/children, please note) is utterly indifferent to your emotional or physical infirmities, either temporary or permanent. The role is unconcerned by the timing of holidays and birthdays that coincide with enormous heating bills. It is unbothered by the vagaries of the economy, aging grandparents, the dog’s finicky GI tract, politics, or the cost of Under Armour. 

Many folks who single parent have a partner. This is neither new nor news.

Some people single parent occasionally, some on a schedule, some every single day of their children’s lives. The partner piece doesn’t necessarily alter those timeframes.

If you single parent every day, most days, some days or Sundays, I see you.

Thank you for giving our tiny (or not-so-tiny) humans your best. You are making a difference. 

Carry on, shiny humans.s.